They came, they smiled & they won…

…my heart 🙂

There I was sitting and relaxing while my friends went in for a short climb in the Vani Vilasa Sagara Dam. I was too tired and the speed of the wind was too high for me (and not to mention the height of the dam too, even though the dam was small) to manage that climb. I tried for 2 levels and gave up because I was scared that the wind was going to push me down. While I was sitting with my camera (Canon 450D) these kids (belonging to one huge family, brothers, sisters, cousins etc etc) were going on their way to that climb. They were looking at me and my camera and I could see their curiosity in their eyes making them shine bright. They had a cute dog, Jimmy, with them and I tried to take the picture of that dog. They wanted to see his photograph in my camera so I showed them. And that is all it took. For the next 10-15 mins I was sitting there and until their parents caught upto them, I was flooded with requests for each of their photos, a photo of each one with their favorite other person, with their elders, with their dog, just girls, just boys, you name it and I have it. At times the elders had to break a fight on who is going to pose next. And every time I take a photograph I had to show them how it had come. The kid on the right end was so confident that his photograph was going to come in the newspapers. I tried to tell him that I am not a professional or a journalist, but he wouldn’t even listen 🙂 His parents could only shake their heads. They were villagers but at least they knew that I wasn’t a journalist. That was a relief to me.  I tried asking them for their address so that I can print a few and send it across, but their Kannada and mine didn’t sync well enough for that communication. And they didn’t even bother. In fact they tried to tell their kids to let me go but they couldn’t be discouraged in any way. I had a blast with their enthusiasm and my tiredness long gone.



“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh.


p style=”text-align:left;”>At least in this case, their smile was the source of my joy.

9 thoughts on “They came, they smiled & they won…”

  1. Love the girl in the pink dress at the end. This experience wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t so open to it though. Good for you.


    1. I can almost never say no to kids and they were so naive and innocent that it warmed my heart. In fact they got along with me so well, that they parents were asking me to take them with me, if I wanted them 🙂

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