5 work myths – demystified

I am generally not good with these kind of lists. But these 5 crossed my mind today. I wanted to let it go.

  • Working late doesn’t mean that person works harder. It just means that they are used to working in a different speed or simply they just started late.
  • Working from home does not mean they are on a paid and unaccounted leave. It really means that we still have to work from home, irrespective of the ‘n’ number of distractions over there.
  • Just because someone worked through the weekends and holidays when a situation demanded once doesn’t mean they would love to do it always. They were probably looking at it as an opportunity for some bonus or hike at that time and not as default working hours.
  • Taking a day off along with a holiday does not make it a vacation. Neither is the weekend.
  • Being colleagues doesn’t equate to being friends. There are different codes for each. But the reverse is true, in the project of life.

There, now I feel a little better.

14 thoughts on “5 work myths – demystified”

  1. When I work from home, I can get more done than if I am in the office. The office = people talking to me, other people talking around me, etc. There are a lot of distractions in the office as well.


      1. I get that one, yes. I don’t have much distractions, since I can sit in the kitchen or in my office.
        But if I had kids, they probably wouldn’t be home whilst I was working.


  2. All of the above I can relate to and you should write more like these. Yes, If I stay late or come in early I have work to do at my pace, and it eliminates work distractions. That is right on for sure.


  3. What a great post. And it’s always interesting to me how people judge such things based only on their imagination, without knowing what really goes on. I’m glad you put it out there!


    1. Thank you Deborah. Yeah, it is a sad state of affairs that people still judge others, especially at work, based on what ‘they’ think the others are doing and I really hate those prejudiced views they have too.

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      1. I hear you. I had a very “unorthodox” job that required I work most weekends and holidays. But the people who worked M-F thought I should only be off one day during the week.


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