Cosmic Musicology Test: If you are happy and you know it

Once again, it’s time for Steve’s Cosmic Musicology Test. Here are the questions and the songs that serve as the answers to those questions. With prayers, here I start.

What makes me laugh…?   Zombie – The Cranberries

Oh yeah! Zombie’s does make me laugh. I have never read or watched a movie which has zombie’s in it. I never understood what the big deal about Zombie’s are anyway. 

What makes me cry…? Pressure – Nadia Ali , Star Killers , Alex Kenji – Alesso Remix

Perfect! (The Music Cosmic is in my favor today so far) Yes, I have had my moments under pressure when I literally had to let go of them through my tears. That is indeed a round about way of saying I cry, sometimes, when I am under too much pressure.

What makes me mad…? Latch – Disclosure ft Sam Smith

Uh! I know I should have not said anything until the last question. How best to make use of this song for the question ????? OK. When people latch on to me in a way that leads to suffocation, that makes me mad. (Did that make any sense?) 

Wanna join in the fun ? Check out Steve’s link.

7 thoughts on “Cosmic Musicology Test: If you are happy and you know it”

      1. I know right ! That’s exactly what I thought. I’m in love with Sam’s voice, its heavenly ! ^_^
        Btw if you ever get time download his whole album ‘The lonely hour’ Its amazing. Or check out ‘Lay by your side’ and ‘Not in that way’. They will take your breath away for sure 🙂


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