Islands I never knew – Thanks to Stats

One of the interesting things of checking out the ‘Stat’s page of WordPress, apart from the views, visitors and the count is the ‘Countries’. My eyes always go there first to check if there is a country which is unknown to me. I know that when people use proxy’s (like me, when I am at work) it would always show a different country from the one they are actually browsing. So there is no definite way to figure out anything based on the country data. It is still a piece of information. Once in a while I get to see a few new countries which haven’t been in the list till then. Out of the lot, so far, there have been two countries which I did not even know existed.  Not that I knew about the rest in depth. But at least I had heard their names somewhere sometime, so they weren’t alien to me.

a) Guernsey: A wee island in the English Channel and not part of the European Union.

b) Réunion: A French island in the Indian Ocean and part of the European Union.

For the visitors and viewers from these two islands, I am glad that you made the visit in turn letting me learn about your country. Are there any countries in your ‘Stats’ that you found interesting or you didn’t know they existed ?

8 thoughts on “Islands I never knew – Thanks to Stats”

  1. Jersey is not just a state in the U.S. but a small island nation known officially as the Bailliwick of Jersey. It’s also in the English channel near Guernsey. Someone, or at least a proxy server from there visited my blog once.


  2. Here at my school this semester we have had a huge surge in numbers of Micronesian students. We’ve always had a huge Hawaiian presence, in addition to a couple students from Guam and the other Marianas, but now we have students from the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and many others. I actually just met someone from Chuuk, which I have never heard of but is apparently close to Yap of “giant stone currency” fame.


    1. Oh wow! I didn’t know any of the islands you have mentioned. Chuuk is a very cute name 🙂 I need to look up on all of these islands. Giant stone currency? Interesting. Thank you so much.


  3. To clarify, in the United States the word “Island” has strong connotations of being a tropical paradise in either the Pacific or Caribbean. Jersey and Reunion definitely don’t fit the American stereotype of islands.


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