Red across the sky

Its official. I am going crazy while I am reading this series (ASOIAF). It is so so hard for me to resist myself from reading about something related to this, just to quench my curiosity. Damn! I just completed my 2nd book (again in a week). I am going to rant a teeny tiny bit here. What a stupid, idiotic, bloody half-wit Theon Greyjoy is. My fingers were itching to smack him hard by the end of the book. OK, I feel a little better. Need to start the next one by Sunday evening or Monday, but am sure to not complete it in a week, because I will be on a vacation (keeping my 20 fingers crossed).

When I was reading about the ‘Red Comet’ which starts occurring in the 2nd book, I remembered a photograph I took in Tossa De Mar, Spain, one fine very early morning while I was trying to capture a sunrise. Could it have looked like this ? I wonder ?


8 thoughts on “Red across the sky”

    1. Thank you. I did try to take it slow, but it just takes me over and before I know, I am awake reading just ‘one more chapter’.
      I wanted to complete reading the series first before I can take up watching them.


      1. They make the series much simpler, so dedicatedly the way to go. The books are much bloodier. More so as they go on.

        Note of warning, apparently the next book isn’t out until 2017 possibly.


        1. Yeah, I have been warned time and again to go slow so that I wont be one more who would hate GRRM for not completing the series sooner. But I still have three books and all the series to watch. And I think I am OK with waiting now rather than give up reading the series.


  1. Ah yes, Theon Greyjoy. Great photo. As someone who has read all the books and watched the entire series so far, I will not mention what happens.


    1. Thank you so much for that and I appreciate the gesture. Because I can’t never resist myself. That is why there will definitely be SPOILER ALERT once I complete the series.

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