Pune Trip – Kaas Plateau

First stop of the trip was to Kaas Plateau, which was on the way to Pune. It would have been a beautiful sight if it was full of blooming flowers, which it will be in spring. Since this is sort of out of season, we had very less, yet lovely variety of flowers in this valley. A very beautiful place.

16 thoughts on “Pune Trip – Kaas Plateau”

    1. Thank you Zee. I should say that this was probably the very colorful place of the lot this time. All that green and the various flowers…just amazing.


  1. Very beautiful I use to live in Indiana so we never have sights like that cause it’s all flat, but I now live in Upper New York and I live in the farming part. I have a route I go to that has hills like that but not nearly as amazing. Those pictures are wonderful 🙂


    1. Thank you Wes. I live in a very proper city, so these kind of scenes and places are always a gift to my sore eyes 🙂 and a workout to my camera as well.


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