WPC: Refraction

For this week’s photography challenge: Refraction

Just took this almost an hour ago where we had been for our dinner, in my new phone to check out its quality. I wanted to capture the name through the glass of water.


Taken in Pune Race Course one morning during our walk using my digital camera. The refraction of sunlight through the fog gave a different feel to the picture (and I haven’t edited it).


And with my DSLR, the refraction of the waves on its way back to the sea from the shore.


This wasn’t as easy as I thought 🙂 But I did my best.

15 thoughts on “WPC: Refraction”

  1. I love the sunshine/fog interaction but oddly I find myself drawn back to that glass over and over. it’s hypnotic. great interpretations! =)


  2. WoW KG. You took upon yourself to shoot difficult shots, i must say, and you did great job. The first photo was difficult to understand initially, until i had read about it. For a second, i thought is it a potter’s wheel from the top view, you know 🙂

    Do visit my posts as well 🙂


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