Madras – Old Theme New Approach

After a long time watched a Tamil movie. Madras, a movie featuring my favorite actor Karthi. Again, after quite a few flops I am glad to see him in this movie, portraying a serious character. I saw in one of his interviews regarding this movie, that he was asked to do a movie where he doesn’t do his trademark smile (/smirk). Even though I do like his smile, I should say that it was definitely a change watching him perform and not go through a scene just with his smile.

Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu is currently called as Chennai. But still a lot of people refer to it as Madras. And like a lot of movies, it shows the south Chennai and  the various political happenings that happen in a very small part of it. It all starts and ends with a wall. How a simple thing as a wall becomes the symbol of power and how the two parties who want to capture it play with the lives of the people around it and how it affects everyone, especially our protagonist and his close friend and how their lives change for ever is what the story is all about. I am not going into the story as such (Wikipedia tells it in much more detail), but I should say that it was definitely a slightly fresh take on a very old theme. Even though there is the usual romance, here and there and in bits and pieces, and songs , which for some reason didn’t put me off, and the age old backstabbing, which actually I figured out at the exact minute,  the overall effect of it on the movie was in such a way that it wasn’t boring in the least. Credit to the screenplay for that. There is one scene which I really liked. The one where the shadow of the hero Karthi grows slowly in the wall in such a way that it sort of envelops the whole wall. I really liked the way they used the lights and shadows to convey a strong message. And to mention the message at the end of the movie which says how social education if promoted right from child hood may prevent these kind of happenings using the same wall as the background is a good one.

Also in the fight sequence almost at the end, they showed the similarities between the fight and the football. I wasn’t sure how to interpret that 🙂 Is football that dangerous ? Is it a substitute for the primal fighting urge ? Or if you know football you can win a fight, just imagine the other person’s head as a football ? Song’s weren’t that impressive but didn’t put me off either. I am not sure if I will listen to them again, that is all. Is that a good thing that it sort of gelled well with the story and didn’t feel like a separate part of it ? Or is it that average ? Honestly, as far as this movie is concerned I don’t care about songs. Its a drama so I would prefer it went well with the story and am happy that it didn’t feel like a sore spot. Overall, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it.

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