Simple things

I am feeling lazy today (yeah it is officially a holiday and I was tempted to sing ‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything‘ courtesy: Bruno Mars) and even though I had so many things to do, I ended up just listening to songs (one of them which was on repeat is added below) , reading ASOIAF and  a very long video chat with my folks , which included some crazy and super-high-on-sugar kids who were fighting to see their faces on the camera and some of their excitement was also to tell me how they celebrated Diwali. My first niece promised to save me some sweets, away from the sneaky hands of her father 🙂 I love it when she becomes all caring and considerate. Thanks to the rains this time, at least here where I am, the fireworks have been very very less.


And now to the song of the day:

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