SoCS: All about that degrees

Ah, the degree of importance attached to the Engineering and Medical degrees out here…Every parent want their kid(s) to be a doctor or an Engineer (specifically a Software Engineer) and sometime back my friends who have kids ranging from 6th grade to 9th grade were talking about how early should they start the coaching for the entrance exams for Engineering / Medicine, so that their kids can be placed in a very well known and reputable Colleges or Universities. Seems like the coaching for Engineering and Medical Entrance exams (yeah, we have a common entrance tests to be able to get admission and it varies from state to state etc…long story) start as early as 6th grade. That is just Wow. My parents, especially my mother wanted me to try for Engineering (her excuse was that I was the only one in the family who could do it, because where my siblings were within 5-10th ranks I always managed to be among the first three) and I had good marks in my 12th grade (high school). Engineering degrees don’t come easy (monetarily) and knowing the struggles my father was already going through as the lone earning person and to support the studies of three kids in good schools, I wasn’t going to be a burden on him in any way. And since seats were allocated based on Caste System, I had only 0.001% of making it through even if I manage to score well in the Entrance Exam. There is also this small glitch that I always studied on my own and never had to take any tuition. My father was against it. According to him, it was the school’s responsibility to teach the kids and he shouldn’t be paying someone else more money to teach his kids the same thing. So no coaching for the entrance exams either. I was actually happy about it. So when my mom wanted me to try my hand at the entrance, in spite of me not having any time to prepare (she had very high opinion of me) I strictly said no and did not even waste my money on the application form. All I wanted was to do a basic bachelor’s degree and get a job so that I can lessen my father’s burden. She was very upset for sometime. But then because of my marks and also because the subject was relatively new and upcoming, I was offered Bachelors in Computer Science, when all I wanted was Maths and from there my journey took a different turn. I still managed to become a (Software) Engineer, even if not by degree.

“A degree helps to a degree, but your work is largely what you create it to be.” – Ryan Lilly        

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “degree/degrees.” Have at it!

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4 thoughts on “SoCS: All about that degrees”

  1. See I always wanted to be a writer but that dream is hard to come by but that doesnt mean I’m not trying still, I understand not wanting to be a burden that’s why once I got a job I paid for everything myself.


    1. That’s good Wes. Here having a job while studying especially for a woman at that time wasn’t allowed. I am not sure if kids do that beven now.


  2. It’s great that you’ve gotten as far as you have without a degree. I think sometimes too much importance is put on a piece of paper when there are people out there who have made up the difference in experience.


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