Mrs or Ms – Which to use

I never liked the word ‘Mrs’. Never. I don’t know why. I preferred Ms. ever since I knew that it can be used to address a woman irrespective of her marital status. But I never really knew why we have a Miss, Mrs and a new Ms for that matter. It was just known that we address all men as Mr. and married women as Mrs. and unmarried women as Miss. May be I thought it was unfair that men get to be addressed by only one prefix whereas women had to change their prefixes based on their marital status. I am not sure the reasons I had at that time. But now I think I prefer to be addressed as Ms forever, especially after reading this article, What is Mrs. short for?. Whoa! The etymology of those words !

If you happen to read that article, make sure to read the comments too, which are more entertaining.

“The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.” ― Michel de Montaigne,

8 thoughts on “Mrs or Ms – Which to use”

  1. I agree with you.. I especially hate it when letters from banks or some other orgs come addressed with a Smt. or Mrs. I mean, how can they use those when they especially have those ‘marital status’ columns on their forms!? Grrr!!


    1. And worse is, they don’t even ask. They automatically assume you are a Mrs. I hate that. Just one look at me and they fill it as Mrs Xyz. Sigh


  2. I loved the comments from the link you provided. I use Ms. too… but, no matter what I’m called…Just don’t call me late for dinner…:) Thanking you kindly for posting…Take care and happy blogging to ya…


  3. I’ve used both. Somehow when I used Ms. I felt like I was trying too hard to make a point and on a daily basis I found that annoying. My last names never sounded right with Ms. I was a teacher and the kids had a tougher time pairing it with my name as well. I can’t really say I feel comfortable being called either because I’m a really informal person. I will insist one day that any grandkids will call me Grand Ma Ma (like on Downton Abbey 🙂 I think that would be fun.


    1. Yeah. That sounds much fun isn’t 😉
      I stopped bothering people to correct after some time. Too much work even though I do get annoyed. Just names would be so fine.


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