During the movie Big Hero 6, they showed the trailer of ‘Penguins of Madagascar‘.  My nieces and nephew, especially my first niece absolutely loves Penguins. Once when I showed her my photos of penguins from my trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium she was so delighted by it that she wanted me to take her there or to Antarctica (because I told her that a lot of penguins lived there) and I have promised her that I will, as soon as she is ready to board a plane (as of now, she is afraid of planes and she wants to travel everywhere by train). They are also a fan of the Pingu (she calls all penguins as pingu infact) because of the older TV show that used to come. And now because of Nickelodeon, they are aware of ‘The Penguins of Madagascar‘ too. I hope my brother takes them to this movie when it is released in my place. They are gonna love it, I know. And the effect of the recent Monty – The Penguin ad and this upcoming movie, I bought them (one for my nieces and one for my nephew) a Penguin bag for the Children’s day (Nov 14). My siblings called up to inform that the kids loved it and my nephew even promised me that he will name the pingu Monty 😉 even though he wondered why he should call the penguin anything other than penguin (a valid question of course!) and my first niece was generous enough to say that she would give it to her younger sister if she was interested to have the pingu bag for herself and that she would be happy to settle for the pink one. That was so sweet of her, because I was so worried that they are gonna start a fight for it. I am not sure if I will be joining my friends for that movie, which they are already planning but you never know. One last piece of information. Do you know that Benedict Cumberbatch is giving the voice for ‘Agent Classified’, the wolf, in this movie and that he can’t pronounce the word penguins correctly ? At least that is what this episode of Graham Norton shows tells us.

2 thoughts on “Pingu”

  1. Ooh, and now I have to watch that Grahm Norton show! I have been a huge fan of the Penguins starting with the first movie. And then discovered it was a weekly cartoon, they are so funny! I guess I am a child at heart, a 54 year old little girl who loves The Penguins of Madagascar! If I could I would go see this movie, but will have to wait untill it is out on TV.


    1. That show was very cute 🙂 Plus I like Benedict Cumberbatch a lot, especially his voice. But it was funny watching him struggle and mispronounce penguins.
      🙂 A child at heart is always a nice thing. And who doesn’t love Penguins. I didn’t watch these cartoons when I was a kid but now because of my nieces and nephews I get to see them ‘a lot’. I wish I could go home to take them to that movie. Hopefully.


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