SoCS: Switch on that damn indicator

Indicator – There is a reason that the vehicles have them but out here hardly anybody uses it. I freaking hate it when people don’t switch on their indicators before making a right turn. How much work is that going to be. It should be part of the muscle memory just like switching a gear for godsake. Especially the autorickshaws here, they sort of own the road. They twist and turn and drive in any direction they want. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with an urge to nick their vehicle just like that, especially when they turn and almost get very close to my vehicle just because I didn’t have a clue as to what they were going to do without that damn indicator. And the other worse part is when they don’t switch it off after they have turned. When will these people learn? I will end this post with one more entry. Mickey Mouse dons a new avatar. Yup. He and his folks are now in India in a brand new avatar. This new avatar was revealed on Mickey’s birthday , if I am not wrong. And guess what! He is riding an autorickshaw. Here have a look. All is well…

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

This week’s Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “in-” Find a word that begins with the prefix “in” or use the word itself anywhere in your post. Easy!

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24 thoughts on “SoCS: Switch on that damn indicator”

  1. I know it is so annoying when someone is driving along with their “turn signal” on. I am thinking ok do you really want to move into the right or left lane on the freeway in front of me or just blinking at me. I love the cartoon. The music in the background. What songs are those? Are they popular songs in India?


  2. Sounds like you have experienced a bit of “road rage” hee hee. It is frustrating to be behind someone that’s left their indicator on (here in the US we call it blinker or turnsignal.)
    I love that cute video! I grew up watching “The Mickey Mouse Club”. It’s cool to see him in different clothes and speaking a different language.


    1. Traveling daily in car through the narrow streets and encountering stupid drivers give me road rage daily 🙂 I work hard to control it and be calm.
      My nieces and nephew loves mickey mouse club house. Its one of their favorite show and game. I am yet to show them this video even though they don’t understand Hindi yet.


  3. Heeheehee! Love the Mickey ! Very cool to see him in India 🙂 But hate that when people buy perfectly good cars but don’t shell out the money for the “indicator option.” I can tell you that some of the worst offenders in the USA reside in my home state of New Mexico!


            1. He is being a regular auto driver rejecting the map given to him first and then after getting lost asks for the map but again to get lost and finally when he lands up in the temple and loses his auto, he says, it doesn’t matter that he lost his auto, he finally got his client to the temple for which he is rewarded a flying auto (here we call them as pushpaka vimana, even though they don’t really exist but has references in our mythological stories)


  4. I’ve been around for a number of decades and I’ve never heard turn signals or blinkers referred to as “indicators.” But I do see the logic, as in indicating one’s intention to turn. Makes sense.


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