No pinging back

Pingbacks – sounds like a simple thing doesn’t ? Just copy paste a URL of any WordPress site in your post either as a link or a text and you should be able to see your post having that link in the original post. But seems like mine hasn’t been working lately. I didn’t even notice it until I posted the Friday’s Weekly Photography Challenge response post and it didn’t show up in the comments or the article section of the Daily Post website. On checking further it seems like the previous week’s entry is also missing (I was wondering about it when I had very less visits because those are the ones that garner more attention in my blog). Not only there, even the entry to Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt went missing, when I never had a problem getting it listed in her site. I checked with a WordPress staff and they said they will check it out. But I am not sure how and when it is going to be fixed 😦 because there seems to be so many people facing the same issue.

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  1. Is you Ping Back enabled on your settings. When I set up my blog it was automatically set up thank goodness. It may be under advanced settings on the Right lower portion of the sidebar on your new draft site. What a pain. I would be so frustrated as well. But I have been seeing your posts recently on SoCS.


    1. Thank you Deborah for the tip. It was setup. But will check it once again.
      Two main events that I participate and cant get my link there – that makes it a little sad for me.

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  2. I’ve seen other people comment about this too. I know Linda has as part of her prompt to come back to the Friday prompt page to make sure your pingback is there, and if it isn’t to cut and paste your link in a comment there. I don’t think I’ve been having a problem with it, but I will be sure to keep my eye out. I hope you get it resolved soon!



    1. Thank you.
      Yeah, it does look like a common and intermittent problem. Hope they fix it for all. Till then I have to make sure to add my link to the comments.


    1. Really? I would assume that its a common software bug irrespective of the type of site. But if its not then its sad. Will keep an eye out for it. Thank you.


    2. For the sake of an argument let’s assume what you said is true (because the same thoughts had passed my mind) but how about those new (or not new) bloggers that just started? (like me) we are all potentials paying customers. If we’re having troubles now, we will have second thoughts getting an upgrade, no?


      1. I got the same updates related to https issues. That is a possibility but does it happen for all https blogs? Mine was an https site long back. Wonder why I see this issue now. For now all we can do is wait. And yes this will definitely impact the new bloggers a lot and upgrades. Hope they figure out the solution soon.


        1. I had no problem regarding this issue before. I am blogging for almost 4 months now and only this last 3 weeks that my links and pingback don’t work. They said troubles started when they did some changes and updates to the site. Whatever it is I hope they can resolve it soon.

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      2. That is true, they could be slashing their own metaphorical throat if that is true. I used to have a customised format with a free blog and then I was encouraged many times to change to the new format. I declined the new format because once I accepted it I could not return to the original, unless I paid for a blog, and the new templates (free blog templates) did not cater for a customised template such as the one that I had. Finally I gave in and switched, the reason was that wordpress suddenly altered the margins for the templates, and did not support the old format anymore. Consequently my blog’s format was suddenly then all over the page, with columns running over one another, a complete mess. Of couse, after I discovered this, I then switched to the newer free format. A kind of forced compliance by wordpress. I fear this issue is heading in the same direction. I certainly hope not.

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        1. True. Especially when they have such a big customer base, it becomes very tricky to make any changes without affecting much. But it also is important on their part to make sure that the existing features do not get messed up. And with security issues, it gets even more trickier. There is a reason why so many people prefer WP and at least for that they should ensure quicker resolutions for such matters, even if they do have a better response mechanism now with the chat enabled. That I really appreciate because otherwise I would be checking out forums for days figuring out any other solutions suggested by someone else.

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        2. Oh my God, what a nightmare! Couple of weeks ago I was trying a new theme and accidentally switched to a new one instead of previewing it first. I spent whole night trying to repair the damage so, I could very well Imagine the horror of what happened to your blog page. When I started here in wordpress I have such high hopes. Now I have my doubts.


            1. I’m fairly new here and still trying to find my way around so it is a bit early for me to tell which feature I like best but I appreciate the fact that they are helping new people by giving courses and challenges. I am yet to find my niche in the community. i have to roam around more and explore I guess.

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  3. I am having the same problem for 3 weeks now. Indeed they said they will look it up and trying to fix it and they will keep me informed and so… A happiness engineer told me that they are having trouble with https versus http something when they updated their site. Anyway, I still can’t connect.


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