Probably not a good idea !?

When I got up today, I really thought it would be a relaxed one just like yesterday. But my expectation was short lived, as usual. And I was in this official call dealing with some last minute stuff for almost 7 hours straight, with a few minutes break in between where the cell phone company thought that I was talking for over 2 hours on my phone and they cut the call themselves every 2 hours and I had to redial. And now since I am waiting on something to finish, thought of taking a break and post about something I saw a couple of days ago and which got me thinking a little bit. And pardon me if it feels like rambling because my head is slightly swimming with visions after seeing the monitor for so long. But can’t take a full break as of yet.

I saw the Jurassic World movie trailer recently after hearing about it in radio that it is done well. Whoa!! Way too cool. And sound effects were chilling.

And when I saw it later, I realized a few similarities from the first one, Jurassic Park. I remember seeing that in theater and being in awwwwwe  That gate, the lake, the way they want to evacuate, the gyro-sphere etc. Then found a webpage and an article which explained all the similarities between the two. Amazing and very well done. Definitely a must watch in IMAX and 3D, what do you say? Honestly I am not a big fan of Dinosaurs as a living being. Am glad to have so many centuries between them and me, you know. While talking about the trailer I asked my friends, if there was such a world would they be interested in visiting it at all ? or is it just the fantasy of it that they like. One of them told me, ‘Hell no!, I am not going anywhere near them’ and the other was like, ‘if I had enough money to pay for that trip, I would definitely go’. And when I asked him if he wasn’t afraid of them, he just said, ‘I will be in my gyrosphere, what is there to be afraid of?’. And when they asked me, I just replied, ‘I won’t go anywhere near them or the part of the globe where they reside. Especially if they are genetically modified, I won’t even think about them.’

Then I got thinking about my reply. Not a few days ago, I was again confirming with my friends about our next trip to a African Safari and trying to gain as many votes. Not many are interested, but there is still time to pull them to the dark side 😉 Now, is the Jurassic World any different from any other Safari that we do ? If we leave alone the part where they might be alive because of genetics ? There is always a risk involved. Wild animals are just that. They are wild. But don’t we get a thrill to go by their natural habitat and see them in their natural environment ? And accidents do happen (even in a zoo in fact) and they can turn against us in a blink of an eye. How is visiting a park  full of dinosaurs in an island  any different ? When I think of myself sitting in that gryosphere and looking around and being close to them, I get goosebumps and think that may be it is indeed a good idea (damn my curiosity and that rush of adrenaline) but when I calm down my skin gets ice cold. I know that I won’t harm any animals, but the animals don’t know that, do they. What if my kindest act triggers a predatory instinct in them ?

What do you think? Would you visit a Jurassic World if there was one?

11 thoughts on “Probably not a good idea !?”

  1. Taking the liberty to stretch your thought further, even domesticated animals are not really completely ‘un’-wild. 😉 So Jurassic World, African Safari, coming home to your pet at the end of the day — it’s all the same. Hehehe…

    Anyway, since the probability of risk at Jurassic World or at an African Safari is probably equal, I think I’d visit Jurassic World. (That does not mean I’ll agree to this African Safari trip.)

    Nice change of theme, by the way! I feel like I’m in someone else’s blog… 🙂


    1. Jeez and here I thought I will get at least one more additional vote from you 😦 Come on Anita ….pleeeease (puppy eyes expression will be scary on me so..)

      Nooooo….pets are cute and I consider dogs, cats, rabbits, and such animals as pets (that means, snakes, crocodiles, spiders and such don’t count).

      This is the longest time I have stuck to one theme I guess 🙂 I keep changing the UI frequently, just like my manager.


      1. I’m sure there’ll be a whole lot of discussions about that vacation, so we’d better wait for those. (I don’t want to repeat myself for our non-blogger friends.)

        Dogs and what now? 😛

        Just like your manager — lol…

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  2. Hell no! Dinosaurs are scary! I would go on an African safari though, I don’t know why one is scarier than the other but in my mind it is.


    1. Yeah. It is right? May be because of their scary looks and heights and the teeny tiny fact that we brought yhem from dead 🙂 If they were always around I am not sure if they would seem this scary.


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