Lamps & Lights

I am very fond of lamps, candles and lights. I have so many photographs of them. They are easy to photograph at home without any cost involved 🙂 but for me, it is about the light that shines bright among the dark which I am attracted to. I love the way that gives me a small hope (just back from my train ride and have to go to a training, so there could be some philosophical stuff …don’t bother)

I love the shadows, the star shaped light, the golden color of the lamps, the mud lamps etc etc. So no wonder I was happy to go home, light all those lamps for the Karthigai function (its been quite a while since I was home for that function) and then went to click the photographs to my hearts content.  Here are some of them.







6 thoughts on “Lamps & Lights”

      1. That is one thing even I can do without 🙂
        Since we don’t light lamps during Diwali, for us this is very special. And I was glad to be back home (and to have all those sweets too)


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