Just some random stuff

  1. I hate that the tip of my nose keeps itching everytime I start driving my two wheeler, thrice this week in fact (helmet mandatory here and I have one that has a visor which when closed is difficult to open using one hand while driving). Its really very irritating. 😮
  2. When we tried to not hit the cow that was in the middle of the road and swerved my car to the right that is when the calf thought we were playing with it and came bang right into the right hand side of my vehicle, denting it a bit, also scaring everyone inside the car because we all thought , for half a second, that we killed a calf until it started running along with the vehicle. 🙄
  3. As kids we are used to not listening to elders and to do exactly what they don’t want us to do. So I told my 2nd niece (going to be 3 yrs this year end) that she will burn her fingers if she touches the burning lamp. (See how I did not ask her to not to do anything, but just told her the effect of that action). She promptly went to the room where the lamps were kept, and when no one was looking  did something god knows what and came back running that her finger tip was burning. Kids! 😡
  4. During the training, of all the times my instructor had to look at me was when I was seriously yawning after the lunch session and even went ahead and asked me if there was a problem, with a plain face that I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not. I had to made some excuse of wondering about something related to the topic (with my mouth wide open…yeah, right!!!) 😳
  5. First time ever (or as far as I remember), my folks told me that I look healthier, now that I have lost a few inches and weight, instead of complaining that I ain’t eating properly or I look sick now that I have lost weight or any such dramatic statements. Felt good to hear that my effort pays 😀

Here is one song that we workout for and I like it a lot. Feel free to dance to it and Have a great day ahead.

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