Cosmic Musicology: How, Who, What?

Here are the answers for this week’s Steve’s Cosmic Musicology Questions and Answers.

How does winter make you feel?    Clean Bandit – Dust Clears

To some extent the dust is clearing now that it is winter, but the cold and wet climate is not always comforting, even though it makes me wanna skip work and cuddle in the sofa with a book and a cup of tea.

Who were you in a previous life? Kiesza – Hideaway

Uh Oh! Whatever did I do in my previous life to go into a hideaway? 

You’ve just been given an award – what is it for? Nico & Vinz feat Emmanuel Jal – Find A Way

Find a way to bounce back to life when things could have gone totally the other way down and probably would have if my family and friends hadn’t stepped in ? If so, I would dedicate it to them. They deserve all the credit and my lifelong gratitude.

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