Choir and Tunes

Even before I go to my Tuesday Tune song this week, I need to tell you about my first Christmas Carol Concert I went this Saturday. My close friend, who is a Christian and whose tree my ‘Angel‘ will be part of, wanted to attend the Concert by Glorious Ministry. It is a youth choir group who have been performing choirs for almost 25 years I believe. My other friend also wanted to join in (she was part of her school choir long back) and for some reason I got roped in too. I still don’t remember saying yes or no to that, except that I was told that the tickets were booked for me too and that I would definitely enjoy it. And that is how my first Christmas choir concert happened on Saturday.

They sang a total of 21 songs and in between some testimonies were given and there was also a Kids choir who performed some songs among the 21. And at the end, when it was over, that is when they suddenly started to sing Feliz Navidad, Jingle Bells and other popular songs and people who almost left the auditorium came back and started singing along with them 🙂 and that included my friends too. I have some oh so funny videos of their singing 😀 And I did enjoy the whole concert very much.

They did ask us of one thing though. It seems that they are going to do their first ever performance in UAE this year end, i.e from 30th Dec to 4th Jan and wanted to spread the word. So here I am. In case you wanna catch their performance, here are the dates for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here are some photographs of their performance. I do have some videos, but might take a while to upload and share them. Will do it some other time.

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And now to my Tuesday Tunes of this week. I saw this the other day in TV by chance and liked it.

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