This tree was made of…

When I was coming from my gym one night, I saw this tree near a Bar + Grill place. My first thought was ‘What the heck is that?’ and then on a closer look realized those were the empty beer bottles used to create a Tree and I couldn’t stop taking a photograph of it. And my friend informed that this was like a ‘tradition’ during Christmas time for that place to put up a tree like this.
People do surprise me with all their inventive ideas, that is for sure.


11 thoughts on “This tree was made of…”

  1. We have one in our town made of vacuum cleaners that is quite fascinating to me. Not nearly as intricate or large as this one, but unusual and interesting all the same! I will have to try to get a picture tomorrow.


  2. My aunt and uncle are both very big wine drinkers, my uncle even works at a nice winery in Indiana. So they drink wine all the time, I mean they have corks all of the house arranged in artistic ways. A couple weeks ago at the beginning of December I found this picture, it was of a tree made of wine glasses. If I find it I’ll show you what I mean it is pretty nice.


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