SoCS: Yummy Plum Cakes

No Christmas is complete for me without consuming some yummy plum cakes. Every year my friend used to get us some awesome plum cakes from a place he keeps as his secret. This year since we were a little overwhelmed with releases at work, it got delayed and I was a little upset about it. So I went to the grocery store to get my usual monthly groceries and they gave me a free plum cake of 300 gms free (because I crossed a limit on my purchase). Yay!!! And guess what, I consumed all of 300 gms of yummy plum cake all by myself 😳 on Christmas day watching movies. Ooh! My gym instructor isn’t going to be happy about this when she sees me on Monday, inspite of her making us do a little more than usual before the holidays began. And now, I am consumed with guilt, even if only a little bit. It wouldn’t do to have all that hard work I put in to go to waste now, does it ? But its Christmas and I get that only once a year, and I don’t eat plum cakes otherwise (mostly). 😦 No point worrying about it any more is there?

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “consume,” however you wish to use it. Enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “SoCS: Yummy Plum Cakes

  1. “May not be good for the body, but it sure is good for the soul.” -Chief Engineer Trip Tucker, Star Trek; Enterprise.

    Trip was trying to convince the pretty Vulcan scientist to partake of his pecan pie, but it’s the same basic principle.

    I say you were due for an indulgence, and guilt is heavier in many, many ways than plum cake!

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