WPC: New

For this week’s photography challenge: New

When a new Game of Thrones book had come, I got it as a gift for my friend on his birthday. He is a big fan of that series and was the one who started me on the books by lending his first book. Today I will show a couple of pictures from that new book, for those who haven’t seen it yet. Let me tell you that this book in paper looks so awesome than the kindle version. It is currently with me for sometime. I am yet to start on it though.





5 thoughts on “WPC: New”

  1. My dad got it for me for Christmas, and he poured over it as well.

    I’m working on getting my Maester-chain on Westeros History.

    I’m even more of a smug book reader than before. You might say it’s UNPOSSIBLE, but it’s true.


    1. Ha ha. I will be waiting for your posts on this book then. I am told that some parts of the story which werent explained in ASOIAF is told here, like the source of the song Rains of Castermere etc. I have 2 weeks to give back the book. Wont be able make much progress.

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      1. The book flesh out a lot that was hinted at in the books, but it’s also an unreliable source of info, since it’s written by Maesters who may or may not know that actual reality.

        I don’t know how much I’ll be able to incorporate from this reference into my Game of Thrones posts, because I try to stick close to the TV show (but who am I kidding… I have to wield smug book reading powers occasionally.)

        Good luck in reading what you can in the 2 weeks you have!


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