Auto Awesome!!!

Google+ has this feature called ‘Auto Awesome’ which you might have known if you share your photographs through it. Sometimes they are very subtle but sometimes they surprise me a LOT. Like this one. Yesterday I uploaded some photographs to share with my friends (I was the main photographer in the tour so I had the most number of photographs to share) in Google+ and this one was taken with my phone while doing a walk around the estate. It was close to sunset and the view was beautiful.


A few minutes after my upload and share, I got a notification that there has been an Auto Awesome picture added. And I was just floored by the picture. For a second, I was wondering if it indeed was my photograph or if it was a painting. I couldn’t have edited it any better. Well done “Auto Awesome” feature 🙂
IMG_20150125_180040928-EFFECTS (1)

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