Mixed Emotions but One Wish

I have so much to talk about, about the movie (Tamil) I watched, about my niece’s birthday for which I went to my hometown, about the trip and other archaeological place we had been too. I guess I need to sort myself out before I sit and write them in any order. Too many thoughts just buzzing around in my brain for now.

This post was in the order too, but then the SoCS prompt and the prompt from Bee pushed it a little bit ahead of the rest. Recently one of my very close friend met someone very special. He (my friend obviously) is a very nice guy and is liked by one and all (except may be when he is a little bit drunk and announces each of his friend’s age , driving home the fact that he is the youngest of all) . You can say he is the life of any party he is part of. So we were all very very happy for him. And it is a well known fact that he is one of my favorites too (there is another story to this, but I will talk about it some other time). And I have always wanted him to take a chance in love. I know he wanted to but was scared to do anything about it. I wished and hoped that he would finally meet someone worthy of him. And when finally he did, I was very very happy, To see him blush with so much love and day dream and smile to himself is so cute. I sometimes get tears seeing him happy like that. It isn’t every day that you get to see so much affection and love shown in someone’s face. I am a hopeless / hopeful romantic. To see him take effort and try his hand at love & romance, trying to woo his partner, it is like reading a lovely romance novel which will make you smile at the end of the day.

But at the same time, I am a little scared too. I don’t want to see him heart broken. I don’t want to see him sad or upset. And it isn’t just me who is afraid of that. A couple of his friends (who are my friends too) shared the same feeling, just not with him. They were concerned for him. Guess all those grown up jaded people who have seen the downside of love would be afraid of it. We all know that he is smart enough to handle his life in his own way and sometimes in love, it hurts, but then it is the sweetest kind of pain you could experience. I always believe that it is better to have loved at least once in life and each one have to experience life in their own way and if need be, make their own mistakes. So even though we are a little worried, our happiness for him weighs more. We wish and hope that the beautiful smile he is famous for (sometimes we think he is shooting for a toothpaste ad), stays forever and May his life be as colorful as a rainbow.

Dude (if you are reading this), as I already mentioned this to you, I am proud that you took that first step and I wish you all the best in love and life.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu

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