HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge!-Daily Life in Bangalore

When I saw OM’s HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge! and thought of may be trying it, this is how I felt.
So here we go with a very short version of my daily life here in Bangalore 🙂

When I woke up today, the day was so bright and sunny (above 30 C) (at 9 am in fact),

IMG_20150303_094041500 but guess what, it had just rained a few minutes ago. I did indeed get up because of the constant pitter patter and got to see the above picture.

IMG_0377 Last week it was very cold and the temperature was within 20’s and this week its supposed to go beyond 35. Yeah, we wake up to some crazy weather here in Bangalore. The day I decide to use my two-wheeler it pours , go figure.
Why am I always so tempted to work from home (aka wfh) (other than the reasons that sometimes I don’t want to see anyone at office and just concentrate on my work, or just because I can do a wfh just for the heck of it) , it is this. The crazy traffic out here IMG_20150219_182541423 Yesterday my return journey at 9 pm took me an hour for 4 kms. Yeah.. you do the math.

That doesn’t mean Bangalore doesn’t have its perks. But most of the weekday life is spent on battling the weather and the traffic 🙂

15 thoughts on “HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge!-Daily Life in Bangalore”

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    I love that last shot of Bangalore from the car! Thanks for sharing your daily views with us and for taking part in the HR Challenge KG! -OM
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      1. Ha – I’m busy writing my post – I didn’t think to add the traffic bit – we have NO traffic in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe, Africa) – Ill remember to add it as a plus on my post!


          1. My son moved to Johannesburg – plenty traffic – so I told him, “Commuting is for South African’s, not Zimbabweans! Move closer to work!” He simply changed his working hours and now drives to work at 10.00 am and leaves at about 9.00pm – just have to watch the traffic cops for breathalizer tests at night! I love it when kids listen to their mums! He too owns a scooter, but I used to wake up in sweats worrying about using it in Johannesburg traffic – glad he bought a car now!


            1. 😀 Good for your son
              I have a two wheeler and a car, but with the pollution causing havoc to my Asthma, I almost always use car. Here in Bangalore, lot of them do change their working hours for the traffic, but sometimes everyone seems to think the same and end up having traffic blocks at 9 pm too 😦


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