SoCS: Let it go!

One of our close friend got obsessed with the song ‘Let it go‘ so much that he would sing those three words every freaking time for every freaking thing. If we complained about traffic while in the car or about a bad driver , he simply would start singing ‘Let it go, Let it go, …’. That was just one incident. In fact we used to hear those three letter words almost 10-15 times per day. It almost made us dislike that song not to mention the annoyance when he sings it off key. We would literally beg him to not do that but that is when he would again say, ‘let it go, let it go, my songs never bothered you anyway’. We tried ignoring him, but to no effect. So when we found the ‘Honest Trailer’ version of the movie (if you haven’t seen those, you should, they are so funny 🙂 ) we made him watch it and he liked it. So we sort of convinced him to replace those three little words with the new three letter words, ‘Get it out’. Phew!


Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “go.”  Ready, set, GO!

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20 thoughts on “SoCS: Let it go!”

  1. This video should have an irritation warning on it. I am a habitual “link clicker” and it was far too early in the morning to watch this. Remember when it was Disney’s Hakuna Matata that was played non-stop? I miss those days…


      1. Oh and the Chef from Little Mermaid – “Les poissons, les poissons
        How I love les poissons
        Love to chop and to serve little fish
        First I cut off their heads
        Then I pull out their bones
        Ah mais oui, ca c’est toujours délice…” I used to drive everyone crazy with this one hehehehe


  2. That is hilarious. These trends right?
    I got obsessed with Frozen too in all honesty. I think my husband probably felt like you at some point since I sung Let It Go at a recital and worked on it for 2 months LOL. He heard it every day at least 4 or 5 times if his work hours matched mine LOL.
    To be fair I’m a Disney freak so anything Disney will get me started. In English AND French 😛 .

    The honest trailer channel is awesome; it must be said. Loved what they did with Frozen but Avatar is also particularly good if I recall 😀


    1. Ha Ha:)
      Yeah. I really liked that song, until my friend spoiled it for me. But now that he has stopped and has moved on to another song, I am beginning to appreciate it again. And yeah, these honest trailers are sometimes too good 😀

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      1. I know… I’m glad you’re starting to appreciate the song again. It’s never good when someone ruins a song for you.
        I’m afraid I won’t be able to listen to Stairway to Heaven ever again. I’ve actually removed it from my library. Too many times in karaoke, it became highway to hell 😛 , so badly people would sing it. (At least I can make bad jokes about this but it pains me)

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  3. Ugh, that song! And the all the stuff on sale – it was even bigger in Japan than it was here, and that’s saying something! I’m glad you at least changed your friend’s lyrics if not the song too!
    Loved the video, thanks for sharing, KG! 😀


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