Lift Woes

Alert: A Serious Rant written after being frustrated over a series of incidents over the past few days.
For the lady who couldn’t wait to press the close button as soon as the lift opened. Get a lift of your own lady if you are in such a hurry or even better just use the Service Elevator on the other side please. I prefer to not die by ‘crushed by lift doors’ method, thank you very much.

For the guy who stood too close to the number panel even though the lift was empty. Seriously dude, your crotch was just inches away from the -1 number that I need to press and it was so embarrassing. Couldn’t you move a little , not that the lift was full or anything. It was empty for god’s sake. Or you could have asked me for the floor and pressed that number yourself? A-hole.

For those who want to get into the lift even before letting the others get out of it. You dumb idiots, unless we get out , there wont be any space for you to get in. And the lift isn’t going to vanish after a specific time limit. I did not come all the way up to go back down again just because you all couldn’t wait for a few seconds.

I know I came in first so I had to move to the back of the lift when others got in, but if I have to move out before you and I say ‘excuse me please’ you really need to move your whole body away (not just turn a little and show that you moved…) and give me space to move out. Neither am I wafer thin (as you can obviously see) nor do I have the ability to go ‘through’ you. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

To the guy who is holding the lift open for his friend to join him: I really appreciate your sense of friendship dude, but guess what, the friend for whom you are holding the lift is nowhere to be seen. I bet that he hasn’t even started and you are here almost holding the others in the lift as hostage. Don’t you think it is a little too much ? Just get out and wait for him and catch the next lift. Jeez people.

I have more but these are the ones that I really needed to get out of my system. No wonder some of them have a fear of the lifts (or elevators, how ever you call them). Sometimes I wish I had the phobia and I am forced to use the stairs. It would do wonders for my health too. If only the buildings were of lesser floors. And I am glad that I can’t smell well. I have heard so many complaints about the smells in the lifts.  







8 thoughts on “Lift Woes”

        1. Ha ha ha… Cool. Thank you 😀 Yes, ping me when you think I have gone bonkers with my rants. I usually try to keep my cool but sometimes people just push me too much too close to the edge.

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  1. There were times when some people have some ‘”brilliant” idea to press several buttons on the lift, seriously!


  2. In the lift car when there are not that many people, someone gets in, presses a higher button than those already pressed and *stands directly in front of the doors*.
    Someone gets on, stares intently at all the buttons and presses one that is already lit up. Did you just want to hear it beep?


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