I am a Beeeeeee!!!

Google’s Doodle for today was related to Earth Day. But there was a link asking ‘which animal are you?‘. Now, how can I resist that quiz? I love these kind of small quizzes right ? So obviously I took it and look what I got…earthdayquiz
Yay!!! A Honeybee…. Isn’t that cool…..Which animal are you?

30 thoughts on “I am a Beeeeeee!!!”

              1. Yeah, honey badger :), it’s actually quite weird. Haha, I’m actually trying it now if I would be able to get mammoth, but still no luck… πŸ™‚

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                  1. Haha, got it πŸ™‚

                    1. Alone in my burrow
                    2. No big deal
                    3. Salad
                    4. Old-fashioned values
                    5. Feats of Strength


                    1. Haha, not really, I actually used logic to figure it out, so it only took me a few tries. For mammoth, salad, feats of strengths and Old-fashioned values are obvious. Thus, the combinations already reduced a lot. :). Also, elephants are quite aloof most of the time, so I chose “no big deal”:


  1. I’m a giant squid. Maybe that has something to do with looking for loud grunting sounds form my partner and swimming as a hobby. Do squids even make sound? Anyways thanks for sharing that, it was quite entertaining.


    1. ha ha.. OKie.. I was wondering what is a manakin…Googled it to find out that its such a cute little birdie πŸ˜€ Oh!!! that’s lovely.. I would love to be a Manakin!!!

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      1. It read to me: ‘You’re a red capped manakin! You love to dance and you dance to love–preferably on a branch unobstructed by other vegetation.’ πŸ™‚


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