Look at your feet

One of my friend has this weird habit of taking photographs of our feet together, wherever we travel. Why? Just because he can and its a change from taking the pictures of the faces all the time 😀 When I was going through some of my photographs, I saw that I have taken a leaf from his book and have pictures of the feet of either the group or mine. It’s weird I know but still, its fun.

This was taken during our Chikmagalur trip this January after the morning hike.IMG_5880

This was taken during the Funicular ride to Montjuïc during our last year’s trip to Spain.20140409_142122-001

If I dig a little more, I would find one from each trip that we did 🙂 I would have to look at them sometime and collate them.

Catch you all sometime next week before my vacation starts. I will be taking a break until then. Take care.

10 thoughts on “Look at your feet”

  1. I don’t know why, but there are several photos of my feet (with shoes) on my phone. Specially when I travel. I honestly don’t know why! I actually believe it’s normal when other people than me do it too.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures from your next adventure 😀


    1. Legfie !?!? ooohkay…gonna use that term 😀 , glad to hear there are people out there doing the same thing as us , thus making us look a little less crazy 😉

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