Bay, Bridge & Fudge

This is the first time I have had this bad a jet lag after a 19 hour flight. I am prone to withdrawals after the vacation comes to an end, but severe jet lag? I wonder what brought that on! I am yet to catch up on blog posts, but in the mean time here are my first set of photographs taken during my visit to SFO especially Golden Gate Bridge (again) and Ghirardelli Square.

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7 thoughts on “Bay, Bridge & Fudge”

  1. Hope you an rest to turn your clock back soon. Your photos are just stunning!! They bring me back to my trip there as a 50th birthday present.


  2. I want to go to SF! And I’m also doing a bit of blog-catching-up. It’s been a busy week.
    Judging by the photos looks like you had a great trip to the US 😀


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