When I almost missed my dream

I am still getting back to the daily rhythm after the vacation and haven’t had time to start writing my travelogue, but I will take this week’s SoCS as an opportunity to write about something I almost missed doing but ended up doing it successfully. My first ever Sky Diving.
When I went to US I did have a few things in my mind that I really wanted to do. Never got to do any of those. Like visiting vegas or Point Reyes or doing the thing my mom wouldn’t approve etc etc. The one and only thing I had planned and I ended up doing was the sky diving. Even that was because I was very adamant to get it done.

Here is what happened. I was supposed to book my sky diving in Monterey with my friend. But then things didn’t go as was planned and my friend had to be somewhere else and I was left alone 😦 I found out the one place that was closer to Redwood Shores , where I was staying , and that was BayArea Sky diving at Byron Airport. I had it booked for Friday early morning 10 am so that I can go for my long drive mini-vacation to Fort Bragg on Sunday without any tensions and if I am alive by then. I was a little scared to go ahead and do it alone, to be honest. With my history of breaking bones and body parts I wasn’t sure if this was a recipe for another disaster and what if something goes wrong and I don’t have anyone near me to help me out. That was when they called me back to inform that the Friday bookings have been cancelled and they had to reschedule it to another day. I was wondering if it was the Universe giving me signs to not go ahead with it. But then I ignored my insecurities for that one time and asked them to book it for Sunday morning because Sunday afternoon I was about to leave for Fort Bragg and that was a 4 hour drive and Saturday was already full according to their schedule. I was this close to not getting my dream come true. Finally Sunday morning, got up early, packed my stuff for my 3 day mini vacation, went to the Sky diving area after an hour’s drive, got the sky diving done with as much strength I could muster, drove to Fort Bragg from there all on a high 🙂

One time, I was proud of myself and my stubbornness. No wonder I am a Taurean 🙂 This year’s Sky Diving was my treat for myself for my birthday that went by before I left for my vacation.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “almost.” Use it however you’d like. Have fun!

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