What would be your option?

If you had to either ‘cheat’ or ‘disappoint’ a person (only one of the two) what would you do ? I know both are not good things, but considering that you had to do one of these two evils, which do you think is the lesser evil?

There was this discussion that happened over a very trivial matter between us friends. And as a result of that discussion this question came up.

I will update the post sometime later about that very trivial matter and what my answer was 🙂 I am very interested to know your selection and why. Care to share?

11 thoughts on “What would be your option?”

  1. Hi. Interesting topic. Hmm. I would have to disappoint someone. If they are a true person in your life, they will hopefully understand as I would understand as well. 🙂


      1. If someone was on their death bed I would do anything to grant them some peace in their last moments on earth. So if that would involve cheating, lying, what ever, but disappointing – well, that isn’t the right time for that. In other situations where it would be a matter of integrity, I would rather disappoint then cheat. If my own efforts aren’t good enough – too bad.

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  2. Hard one! Cheat or disappoint. I would say cheat, the person will probably be disappointed anyways. And to many of either will give reason to not be trusted by that person again.

    Okey, now my head hurts even more – might have to consider sleeping.


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