Movies – Views

This post has been delayed for long now. During my trip to US, surprisingly, I did not watch many movies during the transit as I usually do and the ones I did were during my return journey. So here is a list of those movies (also the ones I watched recently) and my views on them.

a) Kingsman: The Secret Service: Damn! I should have seen this on a big screen. Pity that I had to watch the edited version on a plane 😦 A very good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

b) The Age of Adaline: Not for everyone. I was a little skeptical about the time related stuff in the story. But I kinda liked it and enjoyed it even. Daario Nahaaris – woohoo!! Oh my! Harrison Ford has aged so much 😦

c) Love, Rosie: hmmmm.. OK.. Usual Friends turned Lovers Romance movie. Except that it extends a bit longer in time frame of their lives. I watched it because I felt like watching some romance movie

d) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Wow!!! I LOVED it. Maggie Smith and Judi Dench steal the show. How come Maggie Smith always gets the best lines ? Penelope and Maggie reminded me of Downton Abbey and I didn’t like Penelope’s character in that series too. Too good. I need to check out the sequel of this movie now.

Apart from there, I saw a Italian and French movie (romance again) which was cute (forgot the title now) and recorded show of Pink in Australia , which I absolutely loved and almost danced in my cramped flight seat.

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