Something Missing!

Jurassic World! – The trailer was very well done and intrigued me and made me write a post on it last December. But the actual movie, not so much. Just as I said in the title, something was missing and it wasn’t just that big dinosaur. I still stand by my decision that I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near Jurassic World, if it is real. There are lot of other adrenaline based sports that I can do, that which doesn’t involve huge carnivores or genetically modified species. Thank you very much!.

The movie did have a few scenes which felt like deja vu, but I did not have the emotional connection to it as I had with the first one. The few scenes where the brothers help each other are the ones that stood out because we know that is how its gonna be.Effects and Graphics are fine and my friends were like, why don’t you like it..the effects were so good. I wasn’t sure what to answer. It just didnt click with me…that is all. Nature has its own reasons to have the intelligence split across various animals and when human’s try and put it all together in one HUGE animal, I am sure they should have expected this behavior. Story wise it is a new thing for sure. Well, what else is pending with dinosaur’s. Yeah, we haven’t modified their DNA enough…lets do it and see what happens. But it was all about the dinosaur’s and there were too many of them, small, big, in the water, out of water, flying , non-flying etc etc. Well, it became more of a rant now! I would have enjoyed it more if it was more relate-able and more emotionally connected , not that it is not, its just not enough, that is all.

Did you watch it? Did you like it ?

2 thoughts on “Something Missing!”

    1. Sorry for the delay. The comment ended up in the Spam list (no idea why!?)
      My friends too liked it. But somehow it did not click for me 😦


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