(Not so) Funny mails

One day, at work, I found a mail with this Subject,

SHOCK! (yeah all capital letters type of shock) was what I felt. I was like What!!!!? especially when you are very busy with something and you see that the love of your life is waiting in your inbox… I guess, I will keep the love of my life waiting for  some more time until I really decide on what I am gonna do about it. (I keep unsubscribing to that site and still the mails keep coming on!!!)

And one specific day when I was really down and was wondering what I am gonna do, pop comes this mail !

I really did a double take and looked around to see if anyone was joking with me. It couldn’t be more appropriate. I was wondering what in the hell was happening that I am getting such mails with specific subject that really are so appropriate that they border on scary.

Not to mention this one, where I wasn’t sure what to do. I just laughed out aloud. Obviously, I did not click on any of the links. But still. A premonition. Really ?


I wonder why these mails don’t get ‘Spammed’ but the other useful ones does.

4 thoughts on “(Not so) Funny mails”

  1. Haha! I get weird spam emails all the time. My current favorite one is that Facebook is trying to sell me male enhancement stuff. Oh, and the “Clairvoyant Dave” guy. I just laugh and leave them in my spam box. I don’t bother clicking the “unsubscribe” link in them. Clicking on that only confirms to them that our email address is active and lead to even more spam emails from them and whoever they might sell your email address to.


    1. 🙂 But these weren’t marked as Spam. I did mark them now. I think if I open my Spam folder there will be more funny emails. But a total waste of time.


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