Another item off the list

One of the things I had earlier planned during my visit to US (and something that didn’t happen) was getting a tattoo done. It was in the making for quite sometime now, to be exact, it was in the process since my last year’s trip to London. I even got the design ready with the help of my close friend, who is very artistic and he managed to get exactly the design I wanted. But it did not materialize until today. On a whim I booked an appointment and finally went there. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I made the appointment, it was like doing Sky diving all over again. I had a mild scare (after making the appointment of course) and then called up my friend who made the design to accompany me, just so that I don’t chicken out. So yeah, finally after 2-3 hours of work I got it done and I am so happy about it πŸ™‚ It does feel good to do what you want to do and finally being able to do it too. Now I gotta think of something else exciting!!! 😎 Here is the final outcome. Yay!!!
For anyone interested in the design, it is a mix of two astrological signs, i.e. Taurus and Virgo. I was happy that I could get a customized design and even the tattoo artist was impressed with it and gave us ideas on how to shade it better. Thank you dear friend. I owe you a lot for this. And my mom isn’t gonna be too happy about it πŸ˜‰ Wonder what she will say when she sees this when I meet her next weekend!!! That’s gonna be interesting.

12 thoughts on “Another item off the list”

  1. That’s such a cool tattoo! I love it.

    Just so you know, I believe my mom still dislikes my tattoo and the piercing I once had(took it out when she found out about it, 10 years ago!). I think it’s a parental thing to say “don’t do … to your body, it looks great as is”.


      1. Haha! Culture difference much?
        I think tattoos are awesome, but I would never get a full sleeve (no matter how much I want to!!), I would probably regret.

        Belly button piercings are easy to hide – at least for 4-5 months. She got seriously angry at me..


        1. πŸ™‚ yeah…. I am happy with this… Unless I want to make a statement out of it, I won’t be getting another…. And yes full sleeved tattoo is a big no no.

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