Of Plans, Failures and Binge Watching

You know how they say that ‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining’ right? So yeah, I had this plan to have my balcony covered with the bird mesh because these pigeons are giving me so much trouble and since the rains have stopped for a while now, it will be better to get it done now. So made the deal with the carpenter and handed over the advance and at the end of the weekend now, except for getting it ready and having it coated with black paint, nothing has been done to my balcony 😦 What an utter disaster of my weekend. I did not make any plans just because of this single activity. And next week I am not sure if I will be available to get it done. I hate it when these people promise something and don’t deliver even half of what is promised, especially when you have got the advance! I am so pissed right now at the carpenter.

Thank God for small miracles, like me getting the series Coupling from my friends for the weekend. I totally binge watched it and completed three seasons. It was hilarious and fun, even though they were a absolutely crazy set of friends 🙂 I could relate to a few discussions that we friends use to have which was reflected in some of the episodes. Additional bonus is that it’s only a 30 minute show. I need to check out the 4th season too.

Hope you managed to have a better weekend than mine 🙂


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