Death Wore White

Last week, I decided to try the first book of the mystery series of Peter Shaw & George Valentine by Jim Kelly called Death Wore White from Amazon. The story takes place in Norfolk during a snow storm. I am not going into the story here so no spoiler alert. But the slow and steady way the characters are built, the chemistry (or the lack of it) between Shaw and Valentine, a past where these two main characters are involved, the way each character who get stranded in the snow storm including the dead are related to the murder(s) all were very well done. It is not fast paced. Its like the jigsaw puzzle, where once you get to the place where you have got the basic layout ready to some extent then the rest gets done faster. That reminds me of the Penguins puzzle in a landscape size I got for my nieces recently. I somehow love getting them jigsaw puzzles and the way they concentrate in getting it done. Oops! digressing! So yeah, Peter Shaw is partnered with George Valentine, who was his father’s partner (in-crime) and these both have their own pasts involving Peter Shaw’s father (now deceased) and his last case, which also plays a small role in this novel.

Overall, it was a very lovely read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely go ahead with the rest of the series (I can’t seem to stop with one in any series, unless it is very very very bad). If you need a leisurely read of a mystery, thriller, jigsaw puzzle like British Detective novel, you can definitely pick this up.

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