JigSaw Puzzle

I like solving the Jigsaw puzzles and does my nieces. I got this three set Penguins jigsaw puzzle for my nieces and nephew. One set for each and then all three can be combined to get one landscape picture of the penguins.
When I went home this weekend, they were playing with it and they managed to get two sets together. My nephew was interested in his train set.
This is the first part of it.
And this is where both the halves come together.
It is quite nice to see how they evolve slowly and steadily. My second niece especially is very interested in it. But she doesn’t like it if the pieces are too small. It was fun both to solve and to watch them solve it.

7 thoughts on “JigSaw Puzzle

  1. During my childhood, my father would buy me those 300-piece (later 500-piece and eventually 1000-piece) jigsaws and I had spent quite a lot of time solving them. However, during my teenage years, it seemed that interest of jigsaws have subsided but of course, jigsaw puzzles will always have a special place in my heart.

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  2. Loved them as a kid, as a teen and to this day! We ALWAYS did jigsaws as a family at home – the more complicated the better! Now I do them with y granddaughter and she loves them too. This one is especially wonderful in that it can be 3 then 1 – your nieces are lucky to have you!!


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