WPC: From Every Angle

Now for this week’s photography challenge, I have got to reuse an already discussed subject, ‘The Squirrel at the Cabrillo Lighthouse’ because I got to photograph him from every angle possible that day.

When I knew that this squirrel was gonna be around for a while, I switched to my zoom lens and sat on the ground not too close and yet not too far from the subject, so that I can get my shots and in the process not disturb the subject in their search for food too.

You tell me if it was worth it.

14 thoughts on “WPC: From Every Angle”

  1. Everyone is talking about how cute he is…I don’t buy it! No, he searching for something, but it isn’t food. Murderous intent in those little…tiny…ey….OH HOW ADORABLE!!!! (Dammit he got me.)

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    1. Ha ha… Got you too huh 😉 I was surpt how he wasn’t afraid of someone stalking him at all. He knew I was there close by and still was OK with it. Probably saw me as harmless 🙂

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