My 100th Travel Post

Yay!!! I didn’t realize that I was writing my 100th post in my Travel Blog when I started to write about my recent journey to Cambodia and Bali 🙂

Memoirs of my travels

Its been too long since I wrote anything in this blog 😦 I had been to USA this may and had some nice incidents to record but lost track of the same. I still have my notes and photographs so I might do it before this year ends. But with respect to the recent visit to Cambodia and Bali, I didn’t want to make the same mistake, so here I am starting it off today and probably will finish it sooner than later. And the fact that I am feeling a little sick and trying to divert my mind with fun things (like reminiscing the trip) might also be a reason. So here it goes.

We get too many festival related holidays the second part of the year in general. And last year we (i.e. my friends and I ) had been to Pune for a week long trip. So…

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