(In)Appropriate Responses @ (In)Appropriate Times

I got a Tantra Fluke-Car Bluetooth Hands-free Kit yesterday and decided to test it today, while on my way to office. There is an official call everyday at 10 am and I usually either attend that at home and start to office or reach office before the call. Since the last two weeks, I have been feeling very lazy to start early so I thought may be I can use this occasion and drive to work at 10 am and attend the call in my car. All was going well during the call, until someone decided to run across the road and they chose my car to cross leaving all the other vehicles that were before mine. And when the guy crossed the road he looked back and gave me a shrug because I was throwing daggers at him with my looks and I lost it when he shrugged that I shouted out loud ‘Dude! Are you serious ? What’s wrong with you!? ‘ And my manager had to go and ask me ‘what is your status on this action item’ ? just before I shouted at the guy on the road. And all was quiet for sometime over the conference call. I took a few seconds to realize what I just said and had to clarify that it wasn’t aimed at my manager and that a guy crossed the road at a very inappropriate time and all of them started laughing out. Phew! I forgot that I had this habit of talking to people on the road, while driving. Combining this with my conference call doesn’t look like a bright idea to me. Right?



  1. Sue · October 20, 2015

    Have to agree that this might not be a good idea, but at least everyone had a laugh about it….including me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • KG · October 20, 2015

      šŸ˜€ That was the only saving grace.


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