There are Fans, and there are SuperFans…

Recently one of the blogger’s asked me about a movie that affected and changed my life and I replied in the comments about Harry Potter and how I wrote an article about it as part of my series ‘Portable Magic‘. Even though that series was more about the books that made an impact on me as a person and the various genres I love and like, Harry Potter was an exception where I started the book because of the movie. And well, everyone who has read my ‘About‘ page knows why I have got that G as part of my pseudonym KG.

And very recently, I got someone else also interested in the Harry Potter series, just because I called myself <XYZ> Granger in my Skype ID  and that person found it rather interesting instead of finding it a little freaky 😀 (even though I did get the question ‘Is Granger a common Lastname in India ??? 😯 ) and went on to get the first Harry Potter book.

So yeah, I am a big fan of Harry Potter as are so many millions of others. But there are lot of people who are ‘SUPER’fans. They take the meaning of the fandom to a whole new level. We do see a lot of things from a reader’s perspective, a fan’s perspective about fandom and all. But how do the people who play that character feel about the fandom. We have heard a lot of freaky and scary stories about fans who become stalkers and all. But that is just a minuscule percentage when compare to the whole lot. Who is a SuperFan ? And what happens when one actor decides to find out why these SuperFan’s do what they do. To figure out what makes them follow the people they follow and why ? To understand why would they dedicate and spend so much time and money just to get an autograph or  to know about an actor whose played a character from their favorite series and all about their life ?

Just recently, I guess last Sunday , if I am not wrong, my friend and I were discussing about Harry Potter movies and were talking about Neville , Ron and Draco. How we loved the way Neville / Matthew Lewis has totally transformed to this totally new person, so different from what we saw in HP movies, how we both loved Draco’s  / Tom Felton’s acting and how awesome he was as the bad guy (I always think that it is very difficult to play the Bad Guy at such an young age) and how Ron/ Rupert Grint is still the cute and insane person as he was in the HP movies. We both disagreed on Hermione / Emma Watson, because I thought she was awesome both as the character and as a person and my friend thought she was pathetic as the character and grew up to be awesome as a person. So we agreed to disagree 😉

And today I saw a news article, about a Documentary series made by Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) called ‘Superfans! A Tom Felton Documentary’. I couldn’t see the 2nd part though. It wasn’t playing in the playlist, but the rest was wonderful. I liked it and here I am,  sharing it with my fellow Harry Potter fans. Enjoy the documentary 🙂

Wingardium Leviosa!

15 thoughts on “There are Fans, and there are SuperFans…

  1. I always wanted to get a tattoo of all my favorite geeky things. Like I wanted a tardis ando have signs like the deathly hollows, tri force, poke ball haha I can understand loving something so much that it helps shape who you are

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    1. 🙂 I have no clue of any of those things you mentioned except for may be the deathly hallows! Triforce ? There is something called that ?

      But yeah, it was amazing to see their love and affection for these characters. Author’s are part God aren’t they…to create something like this which will last for ever.

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      1. 🙂

        Tri-force is from the Legend of Zelda videogame series, which is hugely popular but I’ve never played (I never had a Nintendo game system.)

        I’ve heard about Tom Feltons Superfans documentary! Thanks for sharing!

        Hey, if you don’t mind me telling my Harry Potter anecdote…

        By the time the 3rd book had come out, all of my friends who had small children were raving about the book series. I hadn’t really heard of it. They were all on board because they had picked up the first book to read to the children as bedtime stories, and they had become obsessed themselves.

        My wife and I were not parents at the time, but we felt like we were missing out, so I picked up the first book and told my wife that I was going to read to her the first chapter before bedtime, and she could read me the next chapter on the following night, etc. (My friends made a big deal about the fun of using different voices for different characters, like Hagrid.)

        This was a great success. This is how we read every book in the series.

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        1. Whoa!!! That’s super cool Patrick. 🙂 I am not sure why this has to be categorized as a children’s book. May be its because it makes us feel very child like when we read them.

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          1. When the first books came out, they were considered a children’s series. But obviously there was adult appeal. And then the children in the books grew up and the book series as a whole had a different tone.

            (Maybe one day I’ll write a post talking about my experience in consuming the books the way we did.)

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      2. Tardis is from Doctor Who and a Triforce is a Legend of Zelda reference. That is one of the man reason that writing really called to me. I liked escaping the world while creating one of my own.

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  2. Is Granger a common last name in India?? LOL LOL! 😀

    I did not know of this documentary, so thanks for sharing. I’m a crazy fan of everything Potter. Btw, are you on Pottermore?

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