The Wire

I know I wrote all about the adventure and all just recently when I watched the movie ‘The Everest’, so I ain’t going to be writing more about it. But today, since I was feeling like it, I decide to masturdate (wait… that word slowly and carefully…don’t jump to conclusions…this word is different , yeah! ? OK, now let’s go ahead)

The one movie which I wanted to see but haven’t yet was ‘The Walk‘. You all know my fear of heights right. So obviously I wanted to watch this in IMAX 3D. And do it on my own 🙂 Booked the ticket an hour and a half before the movie and just went before I could change my mind and take complete advantage of Sunday Funday. I should say that I enjoyed it very much, even though I did sweat a lot even in that air conditioned theater. Some scenes where they show the heights and the depth, I felt a pain in my legs as if I was the one standing on that edge. The guy Jeff, who has the fear of heights, whenever he is shaking with fear, I can feel myself shaking too. Jeez. Since you can read all about it in Wikipedia (even though I would suggest to watch the movie just for the fun of it) I ain’t going to the story. But technically it was very well done. I don’t appreciate watching movies in 3D because I get headaches mostly after using those glasses and most of the movies don’t usually need a 3D and they do it just for the heck of it. But this one definitely needed to be in IMAX and 3D. It was truly amazing. The visuals were so amazing and stunning. I especially loved the sunrise (duh!)  It might bring back memories for people who have seen the Twin Towers during those times. The art direction was also good. I wonder how much of the jugglery that Joseph Gordon does were graphics. I loved those earlier scenes where the scene is in B & W but one part of it (like the apple or a fruit) is in color. Ben Kingsley! Yay!!! Been a while since I saw him 🙂 Charlotte is as cute as ever. Acting wise, everyone has done their part. I am not good with the physics of how this was done and whether it was possible or anything. But if that was a true story then it is freaking amazing. I bow for Mr Petit’s bravery. The scene where the wire is shown as if it is going into oblivion was so AMAZING. I was so mesmerized.

Glad that I watched it before it was taken off from IMAX. Truly enjoyed it, even though I had to close my eyes and peek through my fingers in some scenes (shhhhh….don’t tell anyone yeah!?)

2 thoughts on “The Wire”

  1. You got me a bit confused there. The movie is The Walk 😛 I think you really did carried away by all the wires 😀
    And yes, it’s a real story and Philip Petit did walk the rope in 1974. You can check out some original photos on the web. For the movie though, it was all green mat. I saw some making-of photos. But the visual effects were realistic weren’t they!

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    1. Jeez…No wonder I felt something was off!!! 😳 Thanks Uday 🙂
      The visual effects were quite stunning. I will check for the original photos. Thanks for the suggestion 😀

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