Should We Auto-Correct Humanity In This Strange And Lonely New World?

Something to really THINK about. I love how Auto-Correct is used. If only we can!.
I have tried going off the grid when I go on vacations and I absolutely love those times.

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I’m as guilty of it as everyone else and I feel like I am missing part of me if my smart phone or tablet are not within arm’s reach. Here’s my question – are we relying on these devices too much and losing out on our abilities of natural human interaction?

A couple of things prompted this question. Firstly, a fantastic video called “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?”

Secondly, a photographer who edited photos to remove smart phones and tablets were shared them in a post by called “Our Strange and Lonely New World” – I love the results! Click the image below to see the full gallery.

US photographer Eric Pickersgill

What do you think?

Are we using technology too much and forgetting how to communicate properly? I hold my hands up and admit I do but I also really don’t see how I can change that now and even…

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