Wordless Wednesday




  1. nearlywes · November 4, 2015

    I always wanted to use a type writer, but seriously how stressful would it be messing up a word. “Dammit I meant to hit I instead of U” Throws paper out and does to grab a new one.

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    • KG · November 4, 2015

      Actually it is fun.. You will concentrate well and there were electronic ones with some kind of ink to fix mistakes. But yeah , paper would be wasted a lot 😉


      • nearlywes · November 4, 2015

        Hey I agree with you there, I think it would be a blast to own a type writer. I love the sound that it makes, like a writing piano.

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        • KG · November 4, 2015

          Yup a ‘ writing piano ‘ indeed 🙂


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