Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

The below post was first published on June 5 , 2013. I stumbled upon this yesterday and was surprised to see that I completed two of the places that I had listed below.

  • Spain was completed in 2014
  • Angkor Wat was completed in 2015

πŸ™‚ I am usually not a person who gets these nostalgic feelings and such, but felt good reading the old post. It also reminded me of the places I am yet to visit.


I know I am a little late for this post which is in response to the daily prompt – Tourist Trap, but better late than never.

My dream tourist places that I have visited are

a) Singapore – Which was my first overseas tourist destination way back in 2009. I really enjoyed my trip for almost a week there (including Kuala Lumpur)


b) Venice – I have no idea why I liked this place, may be the lure of the gondola ride or the various movies that I have seen showing this amazing place. But whatever it was, I just loved this place and was very happy being there during my tour this year.


c) Grand Canyon – This place again was a dream come true in 2010. I was so awestruck with this place, I started recommending it to everyone who was going to U.S. I would go there without a second thought again and may be spend more than a weekend, which I did during my first time. Β This is one place, where I felt I was at peace with myself.

Sun breaking out of the clouds (it was too cloudy and windy and cold that day)

I have a list of other places which I would like to visit. Some of them (outside of India) are

a) Niagara Falls

b) Angkor Wat

c) Manasarovar Lake

d) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

e) Srilanka

f) Spain

g) Egypt

I have no idea when I will be visiting these places, but I will make my best effort πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap”

  1. Niagara Falls is an ok place very commercialized though which I find to be sad. There is another place within New York that is a state park with beautiful waterfalls. It’s called Ledgeworth and it’s probably one of my favorite places within this silly state.

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    1. I always wanted to see Niagara falls from Canada not from US πŸ™‚
      But thanks for the other recco. If I am over at the East Coast by any chance (and I hope I am) I will definitely check it out. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, indeed they were. I think I should visit sometime later πŸ™‚
      I have been using up my vacations every year since 2013 (and some were work related visits, where I end up travelling over weekends, which is happening no more) All I take is a three week vacation (2 weeks first half of the year and 1 week second half of the year) πŸ˜‰

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      1. Oh that’s awesome, Miss Granger! πŸ˜‰ I’d call myself lucky if I could get to take one week vacay per year. I haven’t yet stepped outside of the country but Italy is number one on my list. Did you get to visit Florence?

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          1. Cool. I got attracted to it after playing the Assassin’s Creed games πŸ˜› I know all the places even though I’ve never visited. Then Dan Brown’s Inferno also was set in the same place and I loved it πŸ˜€


            1. I dont know about the games πŸ™‚ But the only saving factor for Inferno was that I could recognize the places and was remembering them while reading it. It sure is a great place to visit. You should see Vatican too, to appreciate the similarities and differences in the architecture. All the very best! and Good Luck! Let me know about it once you do that visit πŸ™‚

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