Nearly Less of Wes

Our dear Wes needs some support and prayers and a few more followers in the process won’t hurt too …. Hop on to his blog and show some love, people!


It’s a working title guys, don’t judge me!

So recently I’ve fallen off the damn wagon, I’ve gain a little bit more weight, with the holidays coming up it’s just a wreck. People in my house like to bake everyone, and I like to eat those baked goods.


But no more! I need to turn over a new leaf, it’s going to be hard though, really hard. I’m going to need everyone to bane together, say a little chant, maybe do a little prayer. Send all those good vibes to me.

That is me asking, not demanding. It’s not like I have Jedi powers and am controlling you by saying “You will support me.” Or do I? Muhahahahaha

So let “Nearly Less of Wes” begin.

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