Meet & Greet In The Sunshine

I made my blog an Awards Free one recently, but here is my way of sharing some blogging love.

Here are some of the blogs I discovered recently through other such sharing posts.
a) In the Zone:Photos, art, and a little bit of lit….
b) gottatakemorepix.
c) Daddy come lately
d) Old Murky Heart
e) Echoes from the Path

Do visit them and spread the love 🙂

Happy Blogging!

A Momma's View

Did you notice? I’m sure you did! I only realized it now… oops… I forgot to nominate bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award that I’ve received a couple of days ago…

I now this is probably getting old but how about a little blogging love?

  • Share a link to a blog you’ve recently discovered in the comments below.
  • Also share the link to your blog, so we can check it out
  • If you like share this post with your readers, so they can come over and introduce themselves as well and maybe find some new blogs.

In return you will be nominated by me and if the blog you introduced to us is a bright and shiny one, I might nominate them as well…

Let’s do it 🙂

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