Knocked my socks off…

Not the socks again! I just recently had a huge discussion with someone regarding that. So this person told me about Christmas Stocking and I go ‘isn’t that the same as a sock?’ and well, it started with that and it went on and on for sometime and we decided that we will call the sock which is big enough to hide presents, as Christmas Stockings. But then I ended up with the doubt, how is that different from a normal stocking ? Because the normal stocking is almost knee length right ? So why do we have something looking like a sock, but called a stocking.
And then there is this another question that came up. Why does a sock, of all clothes, represent freedom to the elf Dobby in Harry Potter? You know, I never thought of that at all. A sock is as good as any other item, as long as Dobby is set free, at least according to me. But is there really a reason for using a sock ? I recently saw an article (when I was trying to figure the answer about the socks) where the author explains how important a sock is in the whole of Harry Potter series. There are one too many references of socks in it. You can check out the article here. Is there really any particular reason that the gifting of socks is that important during Christmas ? Is that in any way related to the freedom that Dobby associates it with? Let me know, if you know answers for any of these 🙂
And Happy Holidays everyone!( at least for those who are gonna enjoy the holidays from Christmas to New Years )

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “socks.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

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